About the Motor Home Club

Our club specialises exclusively on the Motor Home owner / user, the club provides many resources dedicated to camper van, recreational vehicles ( RV )  and motor homes.

Whether you are a full time motorhome nomad, a family simply hiring an outfit for the first time, or a seasoned motorhome pro. We have a wonderful friendly community of enthusiastic friends to help you make the most of your motorhoming life.

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Social Community

We have a vibrant online social community, an exclusive social part of our website where each user has their own Wall, Gallery, Blogs, Photo and Video pages. Connect with other users, invite friends, family and colleagues. Share ideas, tips, information on places to visit, and develop new friendships.

Maintain your own profile, with details about you, and your motorhome, find other members in your local area. Join our Regional Groups to find others in your area; to find, share and even organise your own regional events. 

Contribute to the community and be rewarded with Club Miles, redeemable as discounts, event tickets, membership discounts and more..

Find out more on our dedicated Social Community Page


Site Directories

Our  "Places to Stay" site directories make specific provision for the Motor Home, i.e hard standings, good access and support facilities. The directory includes, maps, images, ratings, reviews, contact details and member promotional discounts.

Our site listings are divided into General Sites, Club Sites, Pub Stop Overs and Wild Camping locations, with each listings having comments and ratings from other club members. From our site listings you can generate directions from your current location, use the print facility and access direct site contact details from within the listing.

More details about what the club offers can be found on our Sites Directories Page


Events Calender & Schedule

Our "Things to Do" section provides a wide range of event details, Markets, Car Boot Sales, Village Fete's, Steam Fairs, Airshows, and much more. Our events directory ensures that there are always plenty of activities to for you to enjoy.

Beyond the "Things to Do" main events section you'll also find that our Club Buzz and Regional Group social community pages all have their own events sections. Further more, you can contribute to the club by submitting national or regional events. When you submit an event entry to the main "Things to Do" section your approved entries generate Club Miles, which you can then redeem for discounts, event tickets, membership discounts and more...

Additional information about the events directory can be found on our Events Calendar Page.


Vendor Promotions and Discounts

We regularly have great value deals from special promotions from a wide variety of service providers.

We work directly with Club Sites, Insurers, Event Organisers, Leisure services providers to arrange significant discounts for our Members. However, most importantly we recognise the value of your privacy. That is why it is club policy not to solicit promotions to our membership, and with this in mind, our promise to our members is that we will not :-

  • Email you with spurious marketing offers
  • Place advertising in our newsletters or e-zines
  • Place any advertising outside of the News > Promotions section of the club website

We do provide a news feed from our promotions sections using RSS, which you may subscribe to on an "Opt-In" basis from your laptop or mobile device, and we do provide a promotions specific email newsletter, which you must manually "Opt-In" if you wish to receive it.

We value and protect our members privacy and no details of our membership are shared with anyone.

You can find out more about our Promotions on the Special Offers page

Details about our privacy policy can be found on our Privacy Policy Page

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